Rebecca Hodges

This is my personal photography journal.


Monday 4th August

Estancia Ranch, Uruguay 

Today we learnt how to milk a cow, how to make bread and went for a hack on horseback around the grounds. 

As it was quite sunny today we managed to get the shorts out! A group of us made up a cheerleading routine which we plan on performing tomorrow morning before we leave. 

Sunday 3rd August 

La Sirena Estancia, Merecedes, Uruguay

We travelled for around 4 hours to the beautiful ranch called ‘La Sirena’. (The Mermaid)

When we arrived we went for a walk around the grounds of the ranch and for a walk across the surrounding areas. It took about an hour to walk to the river. We crossed over a tree that had fallen to get across a smaller stream and climbed up a big rock. The view from the top was beautiful. As we were taking pictures we saw a snake slither back under one of the rocks. 
We ate fresh oranges from the top of a tree on the way back that Matthias and Felix had climbed up to get. As we got back to the ranch, the sunset was beautiful. We collected fire wood to build a bonfire that evening. At the bonfire we found out why the ranch was called ‘The Mermaid’, we sung songs and danced the night away with a bit too much wine! 

2nd August 2014

Montevideo day 2

Today we all 16 of us hired bikes and we cycled along the waterfront in search of the Montevideo sign. It was a really enjoyable ride. It took us around 1hr30mins to get to the sign I think. 

On the way there Katie managed to come off of her bike and slide over a car bonnet still holding on to the bike and landed in between two parked cars…it was probably one of the funniest things I have seen on the trip. 

The views along the coast are fantastic. Luckily the sun had come out for us today. We stopped and watched a local football match as well as getting a couple of refreshing drinks on the way back. 
It was quite a long day out so in the evening we all went out for dinner to a nice restaurant. 

Friday 1st August 2014

Colonia to Montevideo

This morning we left for Montevideo. It took around 2.5hrs to get there by coach. We jumped in taxis to get to the hotel which had bullet proof glass in which was slightly worrying. 

Our orientation walk took us to the Independence square where the Presidents current and past offices are, the Palacio Salvo and the mausoleum of General Jose Artigas. 

We took a walk down to the water front but very thick fog had started to come in land and it completely covered any view of the sea and many of the buildings. 

Thursday 31st July

Buenos Aires, Argentina to Colonia, Uruguay

After an early start this morning we arrived in Colonia, Uruguay. We travelled by ferry from Buenos Aires which took around an hour. A short coach ride later and we had arrived at the small town.

A lot of the roads are wide and cobbled. There aren’t any traffic lights so the system seems to be that you just look out where you are going and give way to people. 

We went for an orientation walk with our group led by Veronica (our tour leader) which landed us at the lighthouse which had great views over the town. We also visited ‘The Drug Store’ for delicious steak sandwiches. Afterwards we all hired gold buggies and drove for around 10mins to the Plaza de Toros which was opened in 1910 however, it is no longer used.

In the evening we went to a small pier where usually beautiful sunsets can be seen but as we were having bad weather we just had to improvise with on of Veronicas snaps. 

Wednesday 30th July 2014

La Recoleta Cemetery 

Tuesday 29th July 2014

The Ghost Tower, La Boca, Puerto Madero & a Tango Show

We walked from the main town to La Boca which took around 30mins. You know you have arrived because all of the houses are painted in bright colours and decorated in graffiti etc. 
The area is quite touristic as you can imagine a lot of people go there. We stopped for food after taking a walk around the area. We then caught a local bus to the local docks which had a lot of talk buildings, waterfront restaurants and boats.
In the evening our group of 16 joined up with another tour group that had just finished their tour to go to a tango show. Whilst there we had a tango masterclass and a three course meal whilst we watched the dancers perform a history of tango. 

Monday 28th July 2014

Our first day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
We arrived around 09:30 and after collecting our bags and leaving the airport we had a bit of a challenge finding the bus stop. It was quite cold and everyone was wearing coats, hats and gloves. There’s us wearing trousers and tops so we stuck out like a sore thumb.

The scene from the bus in to Buenos Aires was a mis match of buildings. Some looked quite shabby and run down. The further we got in to the centre of the city the bigger and better the buildings were. 

Our hotel was located very close to the main shopping streets. As you walk up and down lots of people shout ‘Cambio’ which means exchange. There is a black market for currency exchange in Buenos Aires as there are strict policies and rates. 

In the photos you can see the Plaza Libertador Gral. San Martin with the Torre Monumental, Obelisco (Obelisk), the Casa Rosada (Rose House) with the old town council (white building) opposite and a house that had graffiti over the entire exterior in the area of San Telmo. 

Sunday 27th July 2014

Me and my friend Katie travelled to South America for three weeks. This is the start of our adventure. 

We are travelling to Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil!